Smart Africa Digital Academy
Fair, inclusive and sustainable digital societies in Africa
The digital transformation creates unprecedented opportunities for Africa to expand its economy, create jobs and improve people's lives.

With 15% of the world’s working-age population are expected to be from Africa by 2030, there is an urgency for Africa to engage this future workforce by driving inclusion and economic growth through the development and adoption of skills development strategies. 
Smart Africa is committed to accelerating sustainable socioeconomic development on the continent through the development and harmonization of a political, legal and regulatory frameworks for the digital field, in its member states. To this end, the Smart Africa Digital Academy (SADA) was set up as a catalyst for building fair, inclusive and sustainable digital societies in Africa.
SADA goals
SADA’s goal is to curb the critical digital skills gap required to enable each citizen to thrive in the digital economy. This is achieved through four essential components namely – Capacity building for Decision-makers, - programs for digital inclusion, - Skills marketplace for professionals, Talent Bridge for businesses. 
Capacity Building for Decision Makers
Digital inclusion
Skills market place
Talent Bridge
With those four components national regulatory authorities in Africa are enabled to develop agile regulatory approaches in close coordination with the digital economy and civil society, that exploit the potential for economic and social development in a digital society.
In direct exchange with the Smart Africa stakeholders, demand-driven offerings can be developed and directly delivered to the target groups. 

For this purpose, SADA combines online learning offers in cooperation with the digital learning platform atingi with classroom trainings in the member states.
Smart Africa Digital Academy